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The second season of the Sailor Moon anime aired from March 6, 1993 to March 12, 1994. It consisted of episodes 47-89. Because the series was not developed with a second season in mind, the first 13 episodes (quarter season) of the series was an original story produced by Toei, allowing Naoko Takeuchi to release more of the manga before the anime returned to follow its storyline. @ WikiMoon - Sailor Moon R (Second Season) [visited on 25.11.17]

The Makaiju arc contained a storyline and a villain group unique to the anime. In this arc, the aliens Ail and An came to Earth and began stealing energy using Cardians to sustain their "mother," the Makaiju. In their human disguises, Ail and An also pursued Usagi and Mamoru, respectively. This arc was created by Toei to allow the manga time to catch up with the anime. It had no correlation with any storyline from the manga, although it did introduce Sailor Moon's new transformation... read more


My name is Mirei and I am a German. That's why I copied the text from 'Trivia' from WikiMoon. ^.^" In school english was my favourite subject but it is easier for me to understand the language than to use it. XD I have a German Sailor Moon fansite called Serenitatis - the site has been online for almost 12 years. Because there is no R fanlisting I created one. My favourite season is S but R is nice and I like it. So I hope you like this fanlisting and join to. You are more than welcome. ♥

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